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Last Updated: 16th August 2022

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Forett at Bukit Timah Developer

A unique blend of lifestyle, nature and comfort, Forett At Bukit Timah is the latest joint development by Qingjian Realty and Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited.

Rooted in its belief of Listening, Innovating, Growing with homeowners, Qingjian Realty is committed to providing well-designed, quality homes in Singapore. The award-winning developer is also a trailblazer in the real estate industry, constantly pioneering forward-looking innovations to better homeowners’ lifestyles.

Perennial is an integrated real estate and healthcare company that focuses on large-scale mixed-use developments. One of Perennial’s landmark residential projects is the Eden Residences Capitol, an exclusive residences within Capitol Singapore which also comprises the luxurious The Capitol Kempinski Hotel, strategically located in Singapore’s Civic District.

We are excited to showcase the collaborative synergy between Qingjian Realty and Perennial through Forett At Bukit Timah!

Forett at Bukit Timah Location Map
Forett at Bukit Timah is well situated at Toh Tuck Road. A 10-minute walk away from Beauty World Station (DT5), benefit from the vibrancy of the rejuvenated Beauty World vicinity with upcoming developments such as the Bukit Timah Integrated Transport Hub and the Bukit Timah Community Building.

The location well connected with Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE). Lots of amenities around for example Bukit Timah Shopping Mall and Beauty World Centre. Bukit Timah Primary and Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary is within 1km too. Forett at Bukit Timah residents will also benefit from the nature scenery offered by Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Experience unprecedented comfort right at your doorstep with Forett At Bukit Timah.

Discover the The Allure of Nature and the Location Map.

Forett at Bukit Timah Show Flat
Kindly schedule an appointment here or give us a call at +65 6100 8717 before making your way down to view Forett at Bukit Timah ShowFlat as we may be closed at certain timing.

Online registrants who have booked an appointment here will be able to receive Direct Developer Price and no commission is payable. Please be advised that units for sale at Forett at Bukit Timah are on first come first serve basis.

Bukit Timah is a district in Singapore. A district that evokes images of greenery, privacy, premium, and privilege. It is home to a 163-hectare Nature Reserve, as well as Singapore’s highest hiking trail, Bukit Timah Hill. Every night, the most discerning Singaporeans and expatriates retire to peace and quiet. And it’s where you’d find the most prestigious addresses, such as Forett.
Primary and Secondary Schools (Within 1km)
Presbyterian Primary School in Pei Hwa
Bukit Timah Primary School is a primary school in Singapore.
Primary and Secondary Schools (Within 1-2km)
Methodist Girls’ High School
Bukit View Primary School Keming Primary School
Secondary and tertiary education
Methodist Girls’ High School
Nanyang Girls’ High School is located in Nanyang, China.
NUS Senior High School
Hwa Chong Institution & Junior College National Junior College
Singapore Polytechnic is a university in Singapore.
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in Singapore.
Rifle Range at Bukit Batok Nature Park Rail Corridor in Nature Park
Bukit Batok Town Park is a park in Bukit Batok, Singapore (Little Guilin)
Reservoir MacRitchie
Botanic Gardens of Singapore
Bukit Timah Railway Station is located in Singapore.
Bukit Timah Fire Station (Old)
Bukit Batok is a district in Singapore. Former Ford Factory WW/Il Memorial
Temasek Club is a private club in Singapore.
The British Club is an acronym for the British Club.
The Swiss Club
Singapore Island Country Club is a country club located on Singapore Island.
Beauty World Plaza, also known as the Beauty World Centre, is a shopping mall located in
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre is a shopping mall in Singapore.
The Observation Deck
Coronation Shopping Plaza at the Rail Mall
The Vista del Mar
Clementi Mall Westmall is a shopping mall in Clementi, Singapore.
Bukit Timah JCube Food Centre
Holland Village is a neighborhood in Amsterdam.
Ngee Ann Polytechnic is a polytechnic in Singapore. Dempsey Hill is a hill in the city of Dempsey
Singapore National University Raffles Town Club is a private club in Singapore.
International Schools at Singapore University of Social Sciences Dimensions International College is an abbreviation for Dimensions International College.
European European School in Germany HOSPITAL CARE
Korean International School in Singapore Ng Teng Fong General Hospital is located in Ng Teng Fong, Hong Kong.
Hollandse Academy Jurong Community Hospital is a public hospital in Singapore.
Chatsworth International School is an international school located in Chatsworth, California. Raffles Holland vs. Swiss School at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore
10 minutes FORETT is a formalized paraphrase. 10 minutes, 4 minutes, 7 minutes, 15 minutes, 16 minutes, 18 minutes, and 19 minutes [RRASUDI gr Beauty] in Singapore Bukit Timah is a district in Singapore. The Holland Botanic Orchard CBD MRT Nature Grandstand Village Gardens 2nd CBD World MRT Nature Grandstand Village Gardens Stevens Newton Botanic Little Bugis
All travel times are estimates from Forett At Bukit Timah to respective destinations.
FORETT is a formalized paraphrase. Maintain your fitness and stay active. Develop new abilities. Exclusive deals and promotions from SST Ae. Choose from Zumba, Yoga, Learn to Swim Safely, or Pilates or Dance classes to lead a certified and healthy lifestyle. experienced coaches and teachers SMART LIVING Inspired One-Touch Convenience Living CONCIERGE VIRTUAL Reservations for facilities are accepted 24 hours a day, seven Payment made simple Home assistance that is hassle-free Choose and reserve your preferred You must pay your maintenance fees. From house cleaning to facility whenever and wherever you need it. utilizing the app Choose from a curated list of services at your fingertips, from clogged pipes to air conditioner maintenance.
ONE-TOUCH CONVENIENCE WITH VIRTUAL CONCIERGE Intelligent Gateway Your personal doorman Arrival of pre-cooling The nucleus of smart living Remotely unlock your doors. Even before you arrive, your home is cooled to the appropriate temperature by technology.
Disclaimer: The above-mentioned content is subject to terms and conditions. To access the functions and services listed above, homeowners will need to log in via the phone application. Services such as Inspired Living and Virtual Concierge are subject to change without notice, and additional fees may apply.
Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group Pte Ltd (“Qingjian Realty”) is the Southeast Asian regional headquarters of QINGJIAN REALTY oe : ; Qingjian Group’s real estate development arm, with operations in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
In Singapore, Qingjian Realty focuses on property development in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
Since 2015, it has consistently received the BCI Asia Top Ten Developers Award, as well as other prestigious awards.
It has built a diverse portfolio of properties, including the mixed-use development Le Quest and the private condominium JadeScape, with the belief of Listening, Innovating, and Growing with the people it serves.
Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited (“Perennial”) is an integrated real estate and healthcare company specializing in large-scale mixed-use developments.
The exclusive Eden Residences within Capitol Singapore, an integrated development that also includes the luxurious The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, is one of Perennial’s landmark residential projects. Eden Residences is conveniently located in Singapore’s Civic District and offers breathtaking views of the Marina Bay area and beyond.
Other upcoming residential projects in China include the Beijing Tongzhou Integrated Development and the Xi’an North High Speed Railway Integrated Development, The Light City in Penang, Malaysia, and Sentul City in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia.
Qingjian Perennial (Bukit Timah) Pte Ltd (ROC:201811396K) – Developer’s Licence No: C1351 + Encumbrances: Lot/Mukim No: Lot 04278P MK 05 at Toh Tuck Road : Tenure of Land: Estate in perpetuity » Mortgage No. IF/724522U in favour of United Overseas Bank Limited Expected Date of Vacant Possession: September 6, 2024 + Expected Date of Legal Completion: September 6, 2027
While every reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this brochure, specifications, and the construction of the sales models and sales gallery/showflat (the “Materials”), the Developer, its agents, and their respective servants and contractors do not warrant the accuracy of any of the Materials and shall in no way be held responsible for any inaccuracies in their contents or between the Materials and the The Developer is not obligated by any statement, representation, or promise (written or oral) made by its agents or contractors. All statements and depictions are believed to be correct, but should not be considered statements or representations of fact. The Sale and Purchase Agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between the Developer and the Purchaser and shall supersede all prior statements, representations, or promises. All information, specifications, layout plans, building plans, facility location, finishes, appliance selection, and visuals are subject to change as required and approved by the Architect, Developer, and/or the relevant authority, and may be changed without notice. The Materials are not contractual documents and do not form part of any offer or contract. Visuals, renderings, illustrations, models, showflat displays, and photography are all artist’s impressions and should not be taken as factual representations. Floor areas are only approximations and are not to scale. It is subject to final inspection. The property is subject to inspection by the appropriate authorities to ensure that it complies with current codes of practice.
All information, specifications, renderings, visual representations, and plans are current at the time of publication and are subject to change as required by us and/or the competent authorities. They do not form part of any offer or contract, do not constitute any warranty by us, and are not to be regarded as statements or representations of fact. All plans are subject to amendments as directed by the building authorities and/or approved by them. The Sale and Purchase Agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between us, the Developer, and the Purchaser, and shall supersede all statements, representations, or promises made prior to the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement, and shall not be modified in any way by any statements, representations, or promises made by us or the Marketing Agents).
The Chinese construction organization Qingjian Class received Forett in Bukit Timah by stop transactions. The $610 million obtain expense was $60 million over the seller’s $550 million share price. If performed, revenues between $924,000 and $3.51 million are anticipated to be produced for any client.
In about 360,130 sq.f the Forett sore was closed at Bukit Timah. On 26 January 2018, following it absolutely was released. Collectively, around 80% of homeowners register. That’s following the contract. That is following the transaction.
The consultant to the TSMP Law Organization has protested against your decision by eight minority shareholders. Determine Woo refused the task by fighting that Colliers International’s $542 million residential raise wasn’t false and pointed to as the Asian Wealth Alliance’s $637 million analysis by objectors. The choose said that the selling had been extremely spread, but that the controversy have been dismissed.
Forett Bukit Timah has an area of some 1.4 major plots in 2014, which will be for residential purposes. under the 2014 Grasp Plan. The price is approximately $1.210 factors a year, in accordance with a GFA of 504,182 points level. If no additional 10 % benefit area is done, the purchase price per person is likely to be $1,100 per person.
The house consists of 208 domiciles and 2 stores. — the machine top is 1.023 ft2 to 1.959 m2. The shop’s top is 980 ft, even though the range is 323 ft.
Forett is situated in Bukit Timah just a few minutes walk from upper Bukit Timah Splendor World MRT station. It’s required in the vicinity of varied schools and different resources. The structure of certainly one of Singapore’s leading developers would support potential citizens. The spatial site makes it possible to reach everything in the city without exception.
Can you want on creating your new house in an exciting way? If that’s the case, the most effective place to move can also be Region 21 in Singapore. The 21st area focuses on Top Bukit Timah and some of Singapore’s best schools. When you are a member of family, it is the greatest destination for a contact home. But, Region 21 has solid colleges, and different solutions are also open.
Forett compares most of the sides of Bukit Timah. Following a extended business day you will undoubtedly be in the CBD and keep for a secure sanctuary. A variety of shops and eateries are also in the area. The centers are really fun and maximize the outside time. You must generally bundle up at the entranceway to work.
The best 21 district places for you are right here:
Essentially situated on Bukit Timah, Forett is actually significantly more than you need so many other amenities nearby. In one’s heart of Forett in Bukit Timah, Centers and colleges are close to your future house. More over, networking is not just a problem here. You are able to reach regional features without paying much time driving.
In the area there are shops. There are four places in that you reside Bukit Timah, Bukit Timah Sq, and the World Hub. You may even achieve the stores of the region. It won’t be a challenge to keep the necessities here.
It’s significantly less than 20 moments to the south from the central industrial district of Bukit Timah. CBD individuals are equipped with the true luxury of living. In the Jurong River district, how many centres, corporate offices and features servicing the town will increase with future ventures.
The Elegance World MRT Place Time Walking only 12minutes traveling from Bukit Timah!
BUKIT AT TIMAH-Logistics effectiveness
By residing at Bukit Timah in Forett, you are able to travel everywhere in Singapore and every where abroad. Bridges and trams add the area pretty effectively allow one to easily trip and ensure simple entry. You routine or travel in a few momemts to the nearby shopping centers. Entry to different critical methods like colleges or establishments is safer if you will find no significant traffic issues.
A brief walk from the house is Elegance World MRT and Bukit Batok is within an 8-minute car journey. Car homeowners will benefit from the resort facilities. Several streets that url you to different areas in the area of Singapore have increased road transport. Streets are also on Bukit Timah Area in the location of Forett. The routes connect to important cities such as for example Toh Put Lane, Jln Jurong Kechil, Bukit Batok Lane and the expressway Pot Island. You’ll begin your day in a number of ways.
When you move to some place in a state, link with education has a great importance. It’s among the greatest points your child has to stay in a nearby location, especially when you carry on to improve a kid. There is nothing greater than this element of Singapore when it comes to schooling.
County 21 is well toned, with center schools, pre-schools, child and extra schools. Several schools assure that when you decide on a baby kindergarten, you’ll never miss choices. Most are an easy stroll out, and which means a great deal. Your kids may come to kindergarten early and on time.
Every regional school:
Pre-school Pariposa (Children’s Garden). Pariposa. Center School Bukit Timah Pei Hwa Heart School of Presbytery (Primary education) strategy examine for females Polytechnic Ngee Ann Computer Engineering College of Singapore
District 21 people of Singapore decided from a number of buying opportunities. The community is surrounded by many areas, so people may have access to such a thing within a couple of minutes on foot. The majority of centres, from product home to apparel store, have several stores. The restaurants , lodges and entertainment features also enhance the shopping climate.
You is likely to be transported to the Elegance Earth Middle five minutes push from Forett at Bukit Timah. In 1984 there exposed for shopkeepers a fivestoreyed shopping center with a few shops. You will find remarkable food eateries now. Others of significant significance give instructions in the fields of literature, equipment, labs, drugstore centers, businesses, and check shops.
Bukit Timah Plaza is another mall in the Forett area. This is actually the dream looking area. For family looking, it’s a perfect location, because such a thing from parents to adolescents can be acquired for everyone. The middle characteristics many other main brands, such as FairPrice, DBS Banks, KFC.
The looking center Bukit Timah also provides the finest looking choices for people of Bukit Timah. The middle is located in the looking region Bukit Timah Plaza and Elegance Country. The stores give a broad collection of areas, lodgings, hair and sophisticated fitting rooms, style quarters, resorts, banks, universities and workplaces, banking, and more.
That position is fantastic for consumers because of its spectacular architecture and great layout. You will find still several restaurants in the city. Any of the famous places to go to are Hello Café and Hainanes Jewish Kit Chiken Rice. All the guts is nice, its simple services and relaxed environment are enjoyed.
Middle Sixth Avenue and Train Link is area of the area. Every thing is subject to numerous retail sessions. the standard wishes. All of the furnishings and luxurious antiques that you need. This is exactly why it’s one of Singapore’s most popular areas.
TIMAH NEARBY- TIMAH CONDO Vast consuming and children’s areas
Bukit Timah is a heaven with regards to food choices. Accommodations and eateries are the only real services with a lack of this area. In Bukit Timah creating Forett home indicates many eateries are typically available. Most often have regional and outside food, along with your normal dinner hardly lacking. And you are able to fill your bellies in neighboring hawker’s centers with melted food if you want cheap locations.
Company & Core Wellness Timah Bukit
There is a popular hawk center with about 84 surfaces in the Bukit Timah Industry & Food Centre. As the hawk’s heart is rustic, it however gives tasty food. The good section of food here’s inexpensive. In contrast, from the very best stalls here you are able to hardly omit something. The Bukit Timah Ingesting Home, Leng Kee, He Le Seafood White Belgian Bee, Terry Katong Laksa, Genesis Kitchen & Barbecue, Crime Chew Satay Bee Hoon, Ocean Relative and more are among others. Amongst the many common locations are:
There are numerous great food attractions in the region such as for instance Hambaobao, Carpenter and Cook, the Western Ajiya Okonomiyaki Resort, the Al-Azhar Resort etc. A range may be identified in Bukit Timah eateries as you can see.
Home & Store MiCasa.
The MiCasa Kitchen and Restaurant is alongside Forett. One of the greatest areas to test delightful food and balanced beverages. The food is dignified to cause you to sense at ease. The space is also interactively colored with curtains, vivid seats and black timber platforms, which can make it the most effective place to go to friends or relatives. The standard stage isn’t altered. The meals cooked by the chefs can be noticeable. Here, due to excellent thoughts with this place, you intend to come here.
Black Sheep (BBBS) Farm Animal.
BBBS is a good club and a good food club is Bukit Timah Road. BUKIT Timah is one of the greatest areas to explore right at the part of your house. Forett’s nearer. That is second. That is second. In the club you are able to lay with friends and family or coworkers and share cocktails. Once you rest, you are able to view TV or go into the botanical garden if you have a peaceful time alone. You will like amazing foods or Indian cuisine. This is awesome. It’s awesome. Always check it and it is recommended as the associated dinner contains a range of recipes.
Woori-Nara Woori Wherever?
That is one of Korean cuisine’s finest locations. The points of Woori-Nara are Ginseng and Ginseng Chicken. All is happy and full of hunger.
Western Unity Kitchens
Peace Japanese Cuisine is an agreeable cafe alongside the searching middle Splendor Nation. A variety can be obtained on the keep at competitive prices. It’s the final section, because up to 12 persons might be accommodated in personal areas. For the others that enjoy fast dining. But, you ought to book in advance and you will find parties and activities in the restaurant.
ROUNT AND FORETT FOR Ground. Near and normal environment.
You will fall deeply in love with the greenery at Bukit Timah when you think nature is amazing. It’s adjacent to the well-known parks with abundant discretion areas, beautiful opinions and fitness facilities. The busy living in the encompassing areas provides relief. The nice place implies your external time is about to improve. You will investigate these parks in just five minutes and see what character is providing you.
The Bucet Timah Nature Arrange is one of the very most spectacular normal assets at Bucit Timah in the place of Forett. Right in the corner of Forett in Buchit Timah you can easily enter the entire world renowned water forest. The Singapore Nature Hold spans 164 km with crops and wildlife.
Whenever you come here, there’s a lot to do. The MacRitchie reservoir includes a great path that can help you enjoy the spectacular nature whenever you stroll. Bukit Timah Hill could possibly get to know the neighborhood flora and fauna as of this visitor centre. The troops from the forest groves keep food remain a joy to see. You will enjoy the available gear such as for instance trampolines and swings.
The Bukit Batok Character Hold is distinguished because of its attractive greenery. The park offers the essential relaxation. When you’re in school, it’s a perfect place to jog. The ecosystem and ecosystems are amazing.
Ford Shutting @Buchit Timah Honda Services. SALIDAY Next to Ford’s grounds.
A few minutes by drive from your house, Forett is not a rapid disappear at Bukit Timah. This improves the welfare of people of the Bukit Timah area. This makes the location perfect for individuals and people that want qualified advice.
Many centers are in your community, Install Elizabeth and Gleneagles. Camden Medical Center and Thomson Medical Middle may also be start hospitals. Several personal doctors in the city provide many different health services as opposed to these hospitals. It indicates as you are able to still find support without having to vacation anywhere, irrespective of your health condition. Thanks to the outstanding road sites, you can even conveniently connect to the facilities.
Qingjian Realty could be the Qingjian Realty Company Personal Ltd company’s listed office in South East Asia. The emphasis of Qingjian Realty is on progress, commerce and residential land sectors.
As a core entrepreneur, the organization works to create well-established companies that complement the choices of its clients. The revolutionary design of CoSpaceTM motivates the true house sector with its light architectures.
The introduction of The Visionaire of The Qingjian Fact was the initial condo of Singapore with intelligent homes in 2016. The business supplies the housers in Singapore with affordable housing.
Qingjian Realty consists of trained and effective experts who are able to construct exemplary businesses. They involved in diverse projects to improve the working criteria in Singapore’s domiciles and know their aspirations.
The business enterprise has won many prizes for its remarkable share to Singapore’s property field due to the constant production of state-of-the-art goods. Elements of the winners are here:
Honors for Asia in 2018
2019 – Top 10 developers for BCI Asia Honors
Best Condominium Standard Bellewoods 2018:
A number of the business’s recent ventures include:
Shunfu Street, JadeScape. Shunfu Route iNz Home Canberra’s Progressive Transfer Ecopolitan Scarf Punggol.
Pheng Geck Avenue Nin Home Anchorval Pile Bellewaters The growth produced in Qingjia is an excellent structure, quantity and comfort blend. It is worth recognizing the latest patterns. The rooms have outstanding restaurants and balanced residing amenities to help ease your life.
New Journey of TUCK
The Toh Put residential region is on Singapore’s west side. It is located north of Timah Bukit, west of Batok Bukit. In the 1940s and 80s, Hillview was surrounded by the Castro Fat Organization, the Old Honda motor facility, Bike & Provider Daimler-Benz and Union Carbide.
Named after the artist and designer Hume, Walter R Hume. Hume Lane. He started in Australia with the Hume Tube Party. But the sole organization in your community is Honda Motor Corporation. Many early developments were dismantled to clear just how for modern making proposals.
A large military discussion was conducted in Singapore in the Next World War, near Bukit Timah Height. He was a Hillview tourist. For the English and Western, Bukit Timah has been critical in encouraging the fight. In 1942, the English troops give way to Ford Generator Factor’s Western forces.
The famous Bukit Timah is not just a pile or nature reserve in upper Toh Tuck. Culture has heavy imperial and regional roots. There is a lengthy record of community. The area population placed on Temak woods in the area actually named Bukit Timah. It’s categorized as Bukit Timah that matches Jar Slope because of the mistakes in pronunciation. The name arises from regional people who believe container may be used but should never be used in the region.
Bukit Timah Street are at the primary of society. The motorway is among Singapore’s best and oldest. The colonial government produced it in the 1830s for logistical connections to neighboring regions. The path links to different active cities the city of Toh Tuck.
The formation in 1903 of a railway point was necessary for the development of transportation in the region. It absolutely was also authorized to travel to many areas in Singapore. Bukit Timah has quickly turn into a primary organization and business center. The designers collaborate to create a multifunctional society.
In the former Japanese facilities and plantations in the town, high-rise residences and commercial buildings were established. Bukit Timah was a number one construction middle before the 1970s. The most popular residential neighborhoods, luxury residences, terraces and bungalows are now actually in the area.
Imagine the great fragrance of a rainforest that extends over one of many last principal aspects of Singapore and investigate the nature routes at 24 km.
Mix it with good home skills. You can find 633 new co-owner products in Bukit Timah and two stores along Toh Put Road.
For the next decades Forett is encouraging to be your house at Bukit Timah, in the Qingjian truth, South Pacific (Pte Ltd). It became beautifully. Confined and permanent properties company real estate. Five factors for these:
1. Language income performance
In the green areas of the Bukit Timah Nature Arrange, in a historical Elegance Earth Section and in the energetic railways, Forett is an essential asset in the rural potential if it is a significant property.
The 2015 Grasp Program increases the connectivity and demand in the city with the starting of the nearby Beautiful World MRT in the city middle in 2015.
The near future Bukit Timah community building will variety a one-stop shop with a coffee shop, ski raise, a sports house and an internal neighborhood selection at the RIM station.
A totally air-conditioned coach shuttle joining MRT and beauty industries to financial growth over the following incorporated transfer hub.
Beauty Environment is really a middle for discovering Singapore’s most useful normal and ethnic sites.
The Timah Fire Section is the tourism centre of Previous Buchit and the old Prepare Stop of Individuals Groups is a food industry.
The track corridor can be created easier by you on foot. The 24-kilometer Greenway will go to Tanjong Pagar Train Stop from Woodlands Train Checkpoint in 2021.
The Rail Corridor is a great area for individuals and guests to the Rifel Nature Park from the traditional Timah Railway Station to the Truss Connection and the Master Quarter.
This has rejuvenated the long-term upsurge in financing. Timah’s Bukit.
Location foreshow of Timah Bukit. Timah’s Bukit. The picture is shown only. PHOTO: All the time charging. TOLL TIMAH charging.
2. The support living is endless
In a condominium of 30,000 foot (6) or six baseball areas, Bukit Timah may get the chance to developed a residence, among Singapore’s best free companies.
Any personal property will be hired, that is to state, by the finish of 99 years or 999 years the house will be transferred to the State.
However, the wonderful ticket is free and “you’ve a home”
When you buy for your investments or deliver a heritage to your possible beneficiaries you receive more reassurance in a different house.
Following ample years you will not have to talk about offering the land.
You are able to confidence that in the initial ages freehold maintains their importance.
Consumers are remarkably popular in Singapore with their freehold position and somewhat limited attraction.
3. Personal but rapid contacts
Foreset In Bukit Timah offers the necessity to avoid bruising frantic city living in private {
It is also ideal for town adventure.
The Bukit Timah Looking Middle, the Lovely Earth Plaza and the Splendor World Buying Centre are a short walk from the hotel.
Delightful regional food such as Grain Chicken, Bright Bee Hoon Chun Kee and al-Azhar in the Cheong Lin Nam Lane’s Old Earth’s charm.
In just 10 minutes, move to the Downtown Point Elegance Earth MRT platform. A wide variety of the Icelandic tracks, including MRT botanical MRT lines; the Thomson East to Coast MRT Stewens; and MRT Newton, with Bugis'Small India North-East and East to West, including MRT lines, can be reached with ease.
Owners are thinking about Forett on the Pot Island Expressway (PIE) and yesterday on the Rajah Expressway (AYE). The foreskin yesterday.
Imagine driving about 10 moments to the Jurong Pond area. It is 20 moments from the Key Business District.
You are significantly less than 20 minutes out, whether you look for the absolute most vibrant afternoon and stylish recipes of an emblematic Holland Community expatriate or immerse your self in a glitzy Orchard Road buying and cafe connection with the world.
You may also make character portion of your day and night rituals within the next botanical gardens selected a UNESCO Earth Heritage Site. Before you get back anonymously to your residence, check always Temasek Bar and Raffles City Socialization.
4. Redefined Clinic
The efficiency of Forett Timah’s artist in Bukit. TIMAH was shot by the FORETT AT BUKIT:
Timah Bukit represents the city and its huge greenery of the Timah reserve. In “place” you utilize the German name.
In the building it self, in the corners of private pieces, you will discover equilibrium and peace of design.
There’s anything in every mood or case. Many fans of character have a picnic or study a book in Bloom’s seven gardens, and enjoy the wonder of decorative crops.
It is likely to be a lot more important to connect to liked ones. Who else is willing to look for a theater and karaoke space? Knowledge an enjoyable morning, flake out, sing with buddies or remain in the lay or in the community sometime.
Two event areas have everything you need to strategy a gourmet dinner for a glorious night to many guests.
Do you intend to move with young girls or a decent gymnasium on 3 lap pools or an infinite water pool?
Forett also put the period for a satisfying tea ceremony in his four pavilions and an excellent dining project.
The magnificent functions would be the ceiling of the Air Terrace with a personal discussion centre, the Teppanyaki Atmosphere Lounge and a fantastic view outrageous character areas in Singapore.
5. A significant start of living
Start your kids at Foretz in Bukit, nearby the popular colleges in Singapore.
Bukit Timah Principal is approximately a kilometer away from Pei Hwa’s Presbyterian High School, and about two kilometers from Buchit See, Keming’s main college of principal and intermediate girls. College of Methodism.
Seniors are also joining the Hwa Chong School and Ngee Ann Polytechnic National Junior University in the community.
The Swiss School in Singapore, the Hollandze School and Singapore Korean School are typical readily available from people that are expatriates and the Chatsworth International School.
You want to be contemporary, simple, interactive and unprecedented in Buchit Timah, connectivity no time before seen.
For the creation of humanity. Oh, mankind of love. Caring humanity. Warm humanity. And the mankind can enjoy. State freehold, just freehold. You claim freehold. Say freehold. Tell it freehold. Inform freehold. Tell freehold. Only say freehold. State freehold. Tell freehold. Inform freehold. Just say freehold. State freehold. Only claim freehold. Say freehold. Make your next house today.
Schedule An Appointment To Get Direct Developer Price
Forett at Bukit Timah is a rare freehold development spanning 360,000sqft and comprising of 633 units, our units range between 1 Bedroom+Study units to 5 Bedroom units. Whether you’re looking to invest or to own space that you and your family can call home, Forett At Bukit Timah has the ideal combination of units which will just be what you’re looking for.

Forett at Bukit Timah is a 13 residential blocks development with the highest block at 9-storey. A 10-minute walk away from Beauty World Station (DT5), enjoy the vibrancy of the rejuvenated Beauty World vicinity with upcoming projects such as the Bukit Timah Integrated Transport Hub and the Bukit Timah Community Building.

Future Forett at Bukit Timah Condo residents will find well-known institutions within 1km such as Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary and Bukit Timah Primary.

Resident in Forett at Bukit Timah residents will also enjoy the nature scenery offered by Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Experience unprecedented convenience right at your doorstep with Forett At Bukit Timah.

You may view the Forett at Bukit Timah 3D Virtual Tour and download Forett at Bukit Timah E-BrochureFloor Plan.

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𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘕𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦. 𝘓𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘍𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘩𝘰𝘭𝘥.

🚨Freehold RCR at unbeatable price!! Starting from $1,909 PSF!! 🚨

Counting down to 100% SOLD in Forett!
🚨Final 35 Freehold Units, whilst stock last!🚨

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🌳Forett At Bukit Timah🌳
Freehold | RCR | District 21

🔴Walking distance to Beauty World MRT station
🔴Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub likely to launch above $2400psf - immediate gain!

Units selling fast.. don’t miss the boat

🔥 1+Study (474sqft)
Fully Sold

🔥 2 Bed 1 Bath (570 - 603sqft)
Fully Sold

🔥 2BR Deluxe (732 - 764sqft)
(Final 16 units) from $1,621,000

🔥 2BR + Study (689 - 764sqft)
Prices Start from $1,621,000

🔥 3BR Deluxe (947 - 980sqft)
(LAST UNIT) at $2,127,000

🔥 3BR Dual Key (1033sqft)
(final 4 units) from $2,203,000

🔥 3BR Premium (1087 - 1109sqft)
Fully Sold

🔥 4BR Premium (1281 - 1356sqft)
Fully Sold

🔥 5BR Suite (LIMITED SUPPLY - Final 2 UNITS)
#02-51 1884sqft $4,227,000
#04-51 1884sqft $4,300,000

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Bukit Timah, Freehold and Near Future Integrated Transport Hub

🍀Coveted D21 BUKIT TIMAH Precinct
🍀5/9-storey 633-unit development on huge 360,130 sqft FREEHOLD land
🍀Well-designed and efficient 1+Study to 5 Bedroom layouts
🍀Minutes’ walk to upcoming Bukit Timah Integrated Transport Hub and Beauty World MRT (DT5)
🍀Tranquil private residential estate near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
🍀Within 1km to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
🍀Award winning developer - Qingjian Realty & Perennial Real Estate

The most anticipated new launch after #CircuitBreaker !!

📈 EXCITING ENTRY PRICE For A FREEHOLD Development At Prime District 21! 📈

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